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  • Jan (Monday, November 27 23 10:00 pm GMT)

    I had the sensual relaxing massage from Eric ,
    Eric is very kind and handsom
    The Massage was awesome !
    Thanks Eric

  • Barry (Sunday, October 02 22 01:18 pm BST)

    Eric did my massage and it was the most amazing one I’ve ever had. Truly feels refreshing and gets the aches out of your muscles

  • Stephen (Friday, March 25 22 02:02 pm GMT)

    Eric is charming and reassuring and delivers a superb massage. Recommended without reservation. A thoroughly nice, decent guy.

  • CJ (Monday, December 06 21 10:15 pm GMT)

    Great massage by Eric!! Highly recommend him.

  • Stephen (Sunday, October 24 21 09:40 am BST)

    I have just enjoyed an excellent massage from Eric; relaxing and invigorating.
    A polite and pleasant young man. I strongly recoemd him.

  • Alan G. (Friday, July 09 21 11:24 pm BST)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the massage with Eric. Thank you for such a lovely treat. He is friendly, attentive (and sexy too)! He is such a talented therapist, and hit all the right spots and some I didn’t even know I had. I walked out pain free because of his wonderful massage techniques. I am sure that Eric will be my go to massage therapist from now on.

  • Eric (Friday, February 07 20 08:26 am GMT)

    Great session ! Thanks, Eric

  • Steve. (Friday, December 20 19 02:25 pm GMT)

    I had my first 2hr Full Body Sensual Massage with Eric on Tuesday and all I can say is WOW... What a fantastic experience. I was unsure what to expect but it proved to be as mind blowing as you could wish for. Eric is a very handsome young man with the body of a Greek God, with arms that are long and muscular, and hands that know how to manipulate every inch of your body. He made my body experience every pleasure imaginable and I was on a high for days after. He is polite and unassuming and you could not wish to surrender your body to a nicer person. I will have to wait until the New Year before I can book another session with him. But it will certainly be worth the wait to have your whole body massaged by this exceptional young man with such a sensual touch.

  • Kevin (Sunday, November 24 19 03:28 pm GMT)

    Booked Eric for 90 minute Swedish massage. Received a strong, firm, invigorating yet relaxing treatment. Eric really understands the body and has created his own highly effective professional massage. He seems to spot every problem muscle and area.

    While I didn't book a sensual session, it was still very stimulating, pleasurable and arousing... Easily one of the best massages available – from a strong, talented, polite, well mannered and attentive masseur who really knows what he's doing.

  • Ed. (Tuesday, October 08 19 08:38 pm BST)

    I had a wonderful massage with Eric last week. He has a wonderful personality, is very attentive, with a wonderful touch. Thoroughly recommended.

  • Richard (Thursday, August 08 19 01:42 pm BST)

    Eric is my go-to masseur of choice when I am in London. I have been going to him over a 5 year period and he is a real pro at what he does, the therapeutic/sensual massage is what I go for and is amazing. On top of that Eric is a lovely friendly guy with a great body. He always checks that I am comfortable and that the pressure is good. See you soon!

  • Chris (Wednesday, August 07 19 09:10 pm BST)


  • Andy L. (Wednesday, August 07 19 08:39 pm BST)

    Decided to book after seeing so many good reviews. I am glad to say the good reviews did not disappoint. Eric’s place is centrally location near Russell Square, he waited for me on time and his place is very tidy and comfortable. I’d been having strong pain on my upper back and right arm, and had been treated for 2 weeks in an osteopath without successful results; but the massage I received from Eric really helped to release the pain. It was strong and right on the tension points, I felt so light right after the session, and I felt already I could move my right arm more freely. I didn’t know what he did on my body, but Eric obviously is very expeirnced and he knows what he is doing. I will definitely come back to him very soon!

  • Alex (Thursday, May 16 19 07:30 pm BST)

    Had one of the best Swedish and deep tissue massage of my life with Eric. He did an excellent job of working my muscles to the point of pleasantly excruciating pain, and I walked out after the 90 minutes session, feeling like a new man!

  • Thomas (Monday, September 24 18 12:20 am BST)

    i had on saturday my first massage with eric. all i can say is wow ... just wow ... i never ever felt so relaxed since forever ... highly recommended ... thank u eric and it wont be my last one ...

  • Alexander (Sunday, August 19 18 04:38 pm BST) a nutshell.
    I was very nervous going for a gay male massage, and I had no need to be.
    Eric was prompt and put me at ease immediately with his charm, and I must say incredible good looks and extremely easy to talk to.
    I choose the sensual full body massage, and Eric's hands are amazing!! Just the right amount of pressure and worked all the knots out of me. I highly recommend a visit and really looking forward to going again in the not to distant future.
    Thank you so much Eric

  • Larry L. (Tuesday, June 19 18 03:34 pm BST)

    Based on the nice reviews on Chinese Male Massage website, I decided to give it a try. Eric is one of the best massage therapist I have ever had, and I’m a pretty fussy, and also getting massages quite regularly. Eric applied just the right amount of pressure, and his techniques for getting rid of the knots were extremely effective. He made sure throughout the session that the headrest was adjusted properly and that I was comfortable. It’s also a big bonus for me to receive a massaged by a handsome fit young man. I made another appointment with Eric a few days later before I left London, and the massage experience was even better. I am pretty sure that I will come back very soon for another massage with Eric again, and I highly recommend him.

  • Robin (Friday, April 27 18 11:04 pm BST)

    Eric is charming, friendly and I felt totally at ease in his company. It was 90 minutes of perfection. The next time that I am free in London I hope that he is available.

  • Jay (Wednesday, April 25 18 02:02 pm BST)

    Eric is brilliant. He is dedicated, thorough and really gets the stiff muscles around my neck and upper back loosened up and working again. I couldn’t fault him at all. Excellent service and I highly recommended.

  • Jean D. (Sunday, December 10 17 06:50 pm GMT)

    Eric arrived at my hotel room a few minutes earlier fully prepared (nice sandlewood aroma oil and very relaxing music). The massage is one of the best I’ve ever had!
    He gave me a fantastic and much needed deep tissue massage, it released me of all the stress after a long day of work. Felt so light after the session, and slept like a baby all night long. This was all due to Eric’s dedication and passion. Thank you and great job!

  • Ed (Thursday, May 11 17 10:59 pm BST)

    Eric is a very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled masseur. He checks in with me a few times during the massage to ensure everything is going well and pressure is right. His studio is very cosy and nicely decorated. Eric uses a combination of techniques and pressures, which make for a great massage experience. I always feel very comfortable in this studio and very relaxed after a session with him, and I would recommend him highly.

  • Gary (Tuesday, January 10 17 09:39 pm GMT)

    What a perfect way to pass one and half hour on a cold winter evening and feel so relaxed and pampered! The full body therapeutic&sensual massage was undertaken with an individual approach that was tailored to my needs. Eric’s friendly and professional manner made the massage a very enjoyable, relaxing and worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • John (Thursday, November 17 16 06:34 pm GMT)

    Thanks for a very relaxing massage experience! Eric's got good hands and he knows how to touch. Nice looking guy with great body... will definitely come back to him soon! John

  • Stephen (Friday, August 05 16 01:51 pm BST)

    I had a wonderful massage from Eric. It was both strong and sensitive, and exactly what I was looking for; afterwards my whole body - from head to feet and everywhere in between - felt amazing and so
    relaxed. I definitely hope to return!

  • Malcolm (Sunday, July 17 16 08:47 pm BST)

    Had a 90 minute massage with Eric, he has magic hands. After him working on my body, felt so relaxed, never felt better. He is so polite, would go to him again

  • Malcolm (Sunday, July 17 16 06:28 pm BST)

    Had a 90 minute massage with Eric, he has magic hands. I was in another world while he worked on my body. Feel so much better, would go to him again, so polite.

  • Jay (Wednesday, June 15 16 03:21 pm BST)

    Eric has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. He has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques and is very tuned in with the
    person he is working on. With each treatment, my muscles are more pliable and the knots are unraveling. Eric finds those tension spots and, somehow, gets the muscles to let go. He helps unblock
    emotions and stimulates energy flow leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed in both the mind and body. Looking forward to my next one! Thank you again!!

  • Mike (Tuesday, March 08 16 06:08 pm GMT)

    Eric is a highly skilled and thorough masseuse - no knot or aching muscle unturned - I opted for the full body sensual massage. Very glad I did and clearly I was in very capable and sensual hands.
    Eric is very polite and well mannered, a refined and educated man. He treated me with the utmost respect and consideration. His location is perfect and I will be definitely be back. I can't recommend
    him more highly.

  • John (Tuesday, December 29 15 01:05 am GMT)

    Eric is an outstanding masseur with very intuitive hands and a sense of what is needed in a massage. He is also very personable, intelligent and articulate. The best massages I have experienced.

  • Martin (Saturday, December 26 15 10:49 pm GMT)

    Having been to many other masseurs around the UK, indeed the world, there is no doubt in my mind that Eric is simply the best - his sensual massage is very relaxing but yet stimulating - indeed just
    as Eric describes on his website. Coupled with the facts that his rates are very reasonable and also that he is very handsome articulate man you cannot fail to enjoy your time with Eric

  • Justin (Friday, December 18 15 11:46 am GMT)

    I had a great session with Eric yesterday. His hands were strong and he used the exact amount of pressure I needed for my tight lower back and I felt immediately lighter after the session. I also had
    a really nice conversation with him to, he is such a sweet guy to be with. I was very happy that I had made the right choice to come to him. And I will come back again! Eric, You are a star! Thanks!

  • Simon M. Harding (Wednesday, December 02 15 12:47 am GMT)

    I have had many massages with different male masseurs in different cities and countries, and Eric is definitely one of the best I have ever met. He's got amazing hands and he knows how to touch! The
    back massage I had at the first time took me to another world! I even fell asleep during that session! and now I have become one of his regulars, and my body is addicted to his touch! Above all, Eric
    is a very nice young man, handsome, polite and well-spoken! Not only I enjoy his massage every time, but also his company, and I highly recommend him! Simon

  • Dan (Tuesday, November 03 15 10:58 pm GMT)

    I have met Eric on a number of occasions at his tidy, cosy therapy room. He really puts me at ease with his friendly, polite manner and his massages are superb. Highly recommended!

  • Chris E (Tuesday, October 13 15 06:24 pm BST)

    I used to have very tensed upper body and shoulder, and my Osteopath suggested me to have massages, and that might help to ease the tension.I found Chinese male massage on Google, and was massaged by
    Eric. I felt immediately lighter and freer around the neck area after the session. I am now seeing Eric every week, and his massage has helped me enormously! The tension of my shoulder now has gone!
    and I am feeling so free and flexible and can get on with my job more easily. I would give Eric a 10 star rating, and he is fantastic at what he is doing, he is also such a nice man to be with:
    handsome, polite and considerate. I highly recommend him!

  • Richard E (Friday, September 25 15 02:33 pm BST)

    I have seen Eric 3 times and he is a great guy friendly and a great masseur. Considerate, he frequently asked if the pressure he was applying was OK, and next time I am in London I will be seeing
    Eric again.
    Thanks you are one of the best masseurs I have come across

  • Iain D. (Wednesday, September 02 15 05:09 pm BST)

    Saw some good reviews on line about Chinese male massage, and decided to give it a try. I met the masseur: Eric at his place in Bloomsbury area, very good location and nice cosy therapy room. Eric
    was friendly and easy-going, and he made me feel less nervous about the experience.He said he has been doing this nearly three years, and it showed how skilled and experienced he was. I thoroughly
    enjoyed every minute of the 90 minutes session: it was relaxing and a bit sensual too (I liked my butt being massaged, and it really felt good!).Overall, I would definitely give Eric a 5 star rating
    for the overall massage service, and I highly recommend him.

  • Henry S. (Thursday, July 23 15 05:20 pm BST)

    Eric is a great person to be with, and also a great masseur who knows how to relax you. I highly recommend him. 5 star service!! Thanks!

  • Alex W (Monday, June 15 15 01:41 pm BST)

    This is my 2nd massage with Eric, I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st session with him and felt really good afterwards. I was surprised and happy that Eric still remembered me and my body conditions after
    one month and that made me feel special. His professionalism in what he does also ensured me that I will be always in his safe hands. The massage was as good as the 1st time and I enjoyed every
    minute of it. I will definitely come back very soon and I recommend Eric if you are looking for a good male to male relaxation time, he is the right one to choose!

  • Chris (Sunday, June 07 15 01:44 am BST)

    I was looking for a real firm deep tissue massage service, and found the Chinese male massage website. I wasn't very sure if that would be the right choice. Emailed them several times about what I
    preferred in massage, and got very quick response from Eric. He ensured me that he could offer the service I wanted. I wasn't disappointed and glad that I have chosen him. Eric massaged me exactly
    the way I wanted: firm, deep. He found all the muscle tensions and knots area and worked hard on them. I felt really good afterwards. so I would highly recommend their services.

  • Dom (Monday, May 18 15 07:25 pm BST)

    My first massage by a male, enjoyed every minute of it, very relaxing. Eric is good, I will give him a 5 star!

  • William (Wednesday, May 13 15 03:20 pm BST)

    Just had a fantastic massage session with Eric, felt really good afterwards, especially around my shoulder and neck area, I felt much lighter now and I a lot of more flexible now. Eric is good at
    what he is doing. will come back very soon for the following up session.


(Monday, March 02 15 06:45 pm BST)

I liked the Chinese Male Massage website and called the number showed on the webpage, Eric replied my call with a very soft and relaxing voice; and I decided to give a try about their service and I was glad that I had made a right choice. Good location, every nice and clean massage room. Massage was great, very relaxing...I highly recommend.

Edward, J

(Thursday, February 26 15 10:08 am BST)

I was quite nervous to try my first massage with a gay masseur, after called Chinese Male Massage, Eric (one of the masseurs) made me feel at ease straight away over the phone. The massage session was fantastic, extremely relaxing. I will definitely come back again.


(Monday, February 02 15 01:55 pm BST)

Enjoyed the massage session with Eric yesterday afternoon,  the pain on my shoulder has gone now. I feel so happy. Best massage experience I have ever had so far. 

George, A

(Friday, December 19 14 09:10 pm BST)

Thank Eric for a most wonderful massage experience. I felt and still feel extremely relaxed and I really appreciate Eric knowing how to make me happy. Merry Christmas!


(Wednesday, August 13 14 10:25 pm BST)

I had been thinking of having a first gay male massage, but nervous to actually book one. And I was so happy to have finally decided to book with this Chinese Male Massage. Eric answered many of my questions over the phone and made me feel very comfortable. Massage was extremely enjoyable, and I think I will come back again very soon!


(Friday, June 20 14 11:25 am BST)

I always book outcall massages with the Chinese Male Massage when I come for my business trips here in London. They are very reliable and very prompt in responding to emails etc. I had Lee and Eric as my masseur for serveral times, nice guys with strong healing hands.  I would highly recommend them.


(Thursday, November 14 13 03:20 pm BST)

I was met by a very good looking, and well spoken Chinese guy. He immediately made me feel comfortable. We chatted about what I wanted, and then he started. After such a wonderful relaxing hour, I will most certainly be going back for another massage from Eric at Chinese Male Massage. This guy knew exactly what he was doing - not too hard and not too soft - just the right balance. Nice surroundings, soft background music.

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