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Sports Massage for Athletes emphasizes the care before, during, and after a sporting event; Massaging at each phase of the event has different aim, for example: a pre event massage can help to prevent potential injuries; a massage during training can increase the performance; and a post event massage can reduce the muscle soreness... 


However, Sports Massage is not only for Athletes. In fact, anyone, who is active in physical activities, can benefit from having sports massage: a traveller after long-haul flights; an office worker sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day; a frequent gym goer....Certain parts of our body muscles can be overused and get tired from these excessive daily activities. Sports Massage is one of the best ways to recover from the fatigue, maintain the physical and mental health. 


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Our male massage therapist uses the fingers, knuckles, palms and elbows, applies specific techniques such as frictions, tapotement (tap the body rhythmically), light and deep stroking in the areas of the body that is used during the physical activities. These different massage movements increase the blood and lymph circulation, which allows more efficient removal of metabolic waste; It helps to prevent soreness of the muscles and reduces the time it takes for the body to recover. 


**All our male massage treatments are combined with some of the techniques used in Sports Massage.** We don’t just use one type of massage for your whole body. Our skilled male masseurs can sense your muscle tension through the touch, and apply the most effective techniques to take care of the area that needs specific attention.  


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