Objectives for male body massage

We will never deliver the same massage twice, as each treatment will need to be slightly adapted to suit the clients physical characteristics taking into account their


Age - the pressure we use may vary considerably between a young sportsperson and an elderly infirm person.


Weight and height - movements and timing may be adapted for those who are extremely underweight, obese or very tall.


General health and skin condition - again, there may be restrictions because of specific individual clients skin conditions. 


Posture and muscle tone - where there may be poor posture or a postal defect, we will concentrate on an area to help relax shortened or tightened muscles. This can affect timing and technique, and this is why we have different length of massage sessions available.

Even then, the client may have additional specific requirements, for example


Relaxation: an escape from day to day stresses with the correct environmental mood setting, and rhythmical sweeping movements concentrating on the flow and limiting the stimulating movements such as tapotement


To increase their sense of wellbeing


To create an uplifting feeling; often thought about by the smell of the oils and mood in the room


To help break down fatty deposits and cellulite


To have an overall stimulating effect to the body and mind - Focus on vibration to help clear the nerve paths, keep the movements brisk and use more of the stimulating movements, petrissage and tapotement. 

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