How to enjoy the male massage services

Before a massage session:

  • Have a shower, so that your skin can absorb the massage oil better.
  • Remove necklace, chains, watches and other Jewelry from your body.
  • Discuss with the masseur about your specific massage needs.
  • Let your masseur know any health issues that may prevent you from receiving a massage. (please click here for more information about massage contraindications.)

During a massage session:

  • Report any discomfort. E.g. Room temperature, music volume, lighting etc.
  • Communicate with you male massage therapist about the pressure, speed and movement of the massage you prefer to receive.
  • Deep breathe, relax and don't try to tighten your muscles when being touched by the masseur.

After a massage session:

  • Allow yourself a few minutes to recover while resting on the massage table.
  • Get off the massage table slowly, as sometimes, you may feel a bit dizzy or light headed. This is a normal and nothing to worry about.
  • Drink extra water to help your body to flush away the toxins released from your muscles during the massage.
  • If possible, don't have a shower straight away after a massage session, so that your skin will benefit more from absorbing the massage oil.

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