Male foot massage, happy feet, happy you!

foot massage our feet is the 2nd heart of the body

The special structure of the human body means that all organs have nerves extended to the foot, these nerve ending blocks are the so-called reflecting regions. These different regions on our feet presents a miniature of all the organs distributed throughout the body.


When organs or glands have problem or are abnormal , the foot reflex zones will have crystalline deposition and become the pain points, each pain point feels differently when is touched, some feel like sand, other are form of particles, or just a feeling of swelling. 


Reflexology massage foot massage that can make you snore

Our skilled male massage therapist uses different techniques, such as kneading with their knuckles, rubbing with their palms or pressing with their finger tips, to stimulate these points and improve the blood circulation from the feet to other parts of the body.


After a thorough feet massage, you body will be able to secrete more of hormones that can promote good metabolism, and help to get rid of toxins and waste deposited in the surrounding tissues, thus to achieve the therapeutic efficacy results. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a man’s feet is considered the 2nd heart of our human body, and the well being of your feet is as important as your heart. it is time for you to book a feet massage and release some tensions. This service is only available together with the body massages, but not on its own. The foot massage normally lasts about 10-15 minutes (the session can also be extended upon request), some of our male clients enjoy the massage so much and start to snore. A massage therapist only knows he is doing good when he hears the snore from the client.....


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